Granger just finished a 5-week series called (you guessed it!) Because It’s Worth It. We have God-sized dreams for our community. The opportunities before us are tremendous. Just a few years ago, Saint Joseph and Elkhart counties were among the “Worst Places to Live” in the country. Things are changing. St. Joseph and Elkhart counties are growing again.

We just spent five weeks talking about our vision and strategy for the next two years. There are five things we focus on, five strategies that get our time and the best of our resources.

We gather on the WEEKENDS to worship
Strengthening the ways we worship Jesus and inviting our friends to join us.

We SERVE our neighbors
Reaching our neighbors: here and there, in Michiana and around the world.

We make DISCIPLES for God’s mission
Helping each other pray, study, care and live on mission as Jesus’ disciples.

We teach our KIDS
Partnering with families to train up children to trust, love and serve God.

We train our STUDENTS
Investing in the next generation as we worship, group up and serve—together.

What could happen in Michiana and around the world if we all came together and did our part? What if we all give to one mission out of which all the work of the church is supported? One fund that will provide everything from maintaining the beautiful campuses we already have, as well as provide for kids and students, groups and more. One bucket of resources that, if filled, gives us the opportunity to turn all our what ifs into realities. Because God says we’re worth it. Because our community is worth it.

Catch up on messages from this series and watch the trailer for free here. Download your sample copy of the notebook Granger handed out on the weekends to help walk guests through the Because It’s Worth It journey.

Learn more about Granger’s process for planning, promoting and executing weekend series at our one-day workshop! There’s still time to sign up for the Creative and Communication Arts workshop, or any of the other four workshops happening next week, May 18 and 19. Choose from First Impressions, Groups, Kids or Students. Register today and bring your volunteer and staff leaders. See you next week!