Heads up! We’ve added several new videos to the store at WiredChurches.com. Now there are more resources to pull from to help plan and execute your next series. Here are a few of the latest videos:

  • Henriette’s Story – Henriette recalls the genocide against the Tutsi people of Rwanda, and the role faith played in her family’s survival.
  • Name Calling – This poem explores the reasons behind the abuse of Christ’s name by people who go by the name “Christian.”
  • Things I Wish Jesus Never Said Trailer – Turn the other cheek. Don’t judge. Don’t worry. Those are all things that are easier said than done. But guess what? Jesus said them. By the way, this video is so new, the series it’s promoting kicks off this weekend at Granger.

Grab these and many more at WiredChurches.com. And to see all the newest additions to the store, browse the “What’s New” section.