Guest article by Jenni Catron

“The key is being willing to do something because it matters, not because it will get you noticed.”

John Maxwell from The 360 Degree Leader

What’s your motive for leadership?

I’ll admit—I easily fall into the trap of desiring leadership because I want the attention and the accolades that I perceive come with it.

But that’s not what leadership is about. There will never be enough attention, accolades or praise to satisfy the sacrifice that leadership requires. We have to be willing to lead because it matters. If praise or acknowledgment never came our way, we need to be content because we know that what we did mattered.

I suspect that most of us start out with healthy motives for leadership. I think we aspire to leadership because we believe that what we’re passionate about leading matters.

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Jenni Catron is one of the speakers scheduled for this year’s Innovate Conference. She’s also a writer, blogger and self-proclaimed “leadership junkie.” She has been hailed by Outreach Magazine as one of the 30 emerging influencers reshaping church leadership. Her newest book, CLOUT: Discover and Unleash Your God-Given Influence, is available in stores and online now.