Courtesy Netflix
by Executive Pastor Mark Waltz

You can always tell when the script is being used. You know what I mean. You’re engaged in lively conversation over a meal and your server interrupts with the scripted dessert monologue. Or your talking with customer service on the phone and you don’t feel heard at all, because the same script is repeated over and over regardless what you say.

I hate the script. It’s annoying and sad. Annoying, because I feel insulted. Sad, because the service representative isn’t empowered to think and interact like a person.

Netflix customer service rep Michael wrote his own script. Maybe you heard about it. If not, I’ll brief you. (If you already know about this, you’re already this far into my post—you might as well finish it out. Humor me.)

Customer Norm entered an online chat to find a solution for a non-stop, repeating cycle of Parks and Recreation. He got more than a chat. He was welcomed into a conversation with “Captain Mike of the Good Ship Netflix.” Norm played along and introduced himself as Lt. Norm. Here’s a portion of their chat:

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