Church of St Anne 05 2014 Mary’s MotherChurch of Saint Anne, Israel
by Lead Pastor Mark Beeson

After worship last night I spoke with some young adults who asked me if they could ask me something.

“Sure, ask away.”

“Why do you think so many people our parents’ age are here?”

I was their parents’ age, so I replied, “I’m old enough to be your dad. Why do you think I’m here?”

“It’s your job?”

“Besides that.”

“I don’t know,” one said.“It just seems like there are a lot of young people here; and there are a lot of people my mom’s age here; and I don’t get that because people my mom’s age dream about church like it was in the old days.”

“The old days?”

“You know what I mean,” she said, “Old people want the ‘good old days’ more than these days. My mom talks about “the good old days’ like she’d go back there if she could.”

“Does she come to worship here?”

“No. My parents don’t live here.”

I said, “I think a lot of people your parents’ age aren’t old because they’re old; they’re old because they don’t dream anymore. Everyone gets old when they stop dreaming. They don’t stop dreaming when they get old; they get old when they stop dreaming. I think GCC is filled with people your age, and your parents’ age, because we’re all dreaming about doing something great for GOD. Young or old, the people who like GCC tend to be people dreaming GOD’s dream for tomorrow.”

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