The New Year is on its way! We want to help you get it started on the right foot. Here are some great resources we think will help you and your church in 2015:

  1. Reset Graphics. At different times, many of us take an honest look inside and realize we need our own reset. How many resolutions and promises do we make that we don’t end up keeping? How can this time be different? Reset dealt with answers to these questions as Granger encouraged people to change things that weren’t working and start moving in the right direction. This download package includes the graphic elements Granger used to promote the weekend message series Reset.
  2. Granger Kids Training Videos. These videos will help your staff and volunteer teams with preparing for and leading both small and large group lessons.
  3. Creative Arts Constants. This document outlines the constants that define the brainstorming process for the arts teams at Granger Community Church.
  4. Communications Playbook. This is an updated version of Granger Community Church’s communications manual, revised in 2014. This playbook helps Granger have consistent, professional and effective communications. It includes a review of branding, Granger’s vision, how staff should work together with communication vehicles and the filters Granger uses to decide what gets promoted when and where. We have also added information pertaining to multisite.
  5. ReMix Volunteer Series and Expo Graphics. Let’s face it—we can’t do this without volunteers. We all need more volunteers, helping to push the vision forward. And there are people in your church looking for ways to get involved that make them come alive and help them to live within God’s purpose for their lives. Connect the two needs and help your church flourish in 2015 with the ReMix Your Life series.

Enjoy, and Happy New Year from all of us at!