by Lead Pastor Mark Beeson

I went to a movie. It was about sharks. I have no good shark pictures so I used my picture of this pod of Orcas. They’re not sharks, but hey, they live in the ocean and they are scary like sharks, only a lot smarter than sharks—so let’s move on.

I paid extra money so I could experience an extra dimension of the Shark Movie.

I put on my awesome, cool, “somebody take a picture of us right now” 3-D Glasses.

I watched the movie.

I was transported to another world where I experienced amazing things.

I took off my 3-D Glasses.

After that experience, I left the theater and went on with my life, as usual—except that I now have flashbacks to my scary Shark Movie experience.

I remember many of my experiences—and each memory triggers an emotional response. My experiences will mark me; experiences always mark me—but it’s my day-to-day practices and life-long patterns that change me over time—for better or worse.

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