by Executive Pastor Mark Waltz

People are people and value is value. Pay attention to what businesses and service organizations are doing well.

  • Read books: anything from Disney, Nordstrom, Starbucks.
  • Read magazines like Fast Company, Forbes and Wired.
  • Visit airports, museums, and shopping malls—places with high traffic. Study signage and traffic flow.
  • Pay attention to quality experiences in restaurants, hotels, airlines and banks. What made it an exceptional experience?
  • Play at Disney and other “experiential” venues. Pay attention to value-added touches that make the experience unique and surprising.
Maybe one day it will all be right-sized and the marketplace will look at the local church and say, “We must study, watch, learn from the local church. They understand people. They get relationships. They communicate authentic value. They are our model.”

Until then, continue to find truth wherever truth exists. Model personal value where it’s excellent. Don’t be afraid to learn from any and everyone.

To hear more from Mark and get more practical tips for creating excellent guest experiences come to his First Impressions Workshop, one of the many workshops we’re offering next week at Granger Community Church.