If you are a senior pastor or a pastor/director responsible for adult connections or assimilation ministries of any flavor - I'm inviting you to apply for this coaching journey.

  • It will be intensely practical. Highly conversational. Interactive. And limited to 12 leaders.
  • We'll study. We'll read. We'll learn together. We'll explore your specific questions, issues and church dynamic.
  • We will get specific about cultivating culture, building teams, casting vision, designing environments for connecting, serving and growing.
Here are some reasons you don't need coaching:

  • You don't have, nor do you expect to have, new people seeking Christ in your church.
  • You've already read a book on connecting people in your church. Should be enough.
  • You seldom hear another leader lend any value to your leadership, 'cause they just don't know what you're up against.
  • You have shelves full of conference notebooks you haven't looked at since you put them there years ago. Waste of budget dollars.
  • You have a job description. You know what to do. Nuff said.
  • You love working in isolation and don't appreciate the power of collaboration and team.
  • You wear a large red cape under your pastor/director suit.
However, if you read this list and think that maybe, just maybe, there would be value in...

  • Networking with other church leaders who have a wealth of experiences to share.
  • Identifying with someone else's passion for people seeking Jesus.
  • Tracking with processes, systems and strategies, from not just one church, but several churches.
  • Another practitioner listening to my unique setting, challenges, and goals and offering strategic, practical advice.
  • Getting out of my familiar surroundings to hear and engage fresh perspectives.
I want to help you. Let's help each other.

Okay - let's do this. Right now—the deadline is February 15. Check it out. Download Connections Strategy Coaching Summary. Apply from the link inside the document. No excuses.

Not as connection-minded, but still looking for insight and practical wisdom in your area of ministry? Get the info for our Executive Pastors and Communications Coaching Networks.