min·is·try [min-uh-stree] noun - no longer just a function, profession, or service; effectively reaching people for Christ (with the help of your friends at Wired Churches)

Ministry is no longer just what we do... or some side function of your church. 

Ministry is BEING the church, even inside your four walls. 

[Some of you might have more than four walls... in that case, this still applies to you.]

The bottom line is this: Your ministry matters. Your staff and volunteers matter. The people you are reaching matter. 

We want to help you communicate that these people matter to you, and of course, that they matter to God. In fact, we want to help you communicate that better than ever! 

With the guidance of folks like Mark Waltz on First Impressions, Kem Meyer on Communication that actually communicates, and Tim Stevens on recruiting and keeping solid Volunteers, we've put together an amazing one-day workshop program.

One day. Three sessions. Major Kingdom impact. 

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