by Mark Beeson, Founding Pastor

What would it look like if the Church understood and acted on Her dual role of serving and loving people?

What would it look like if the Church used every tool at Her disposal to feed the hungry, care for the marginalized, bind-up the broken, help struggling families and lift high the ideals of the Good Life?

What would it look like if the church called “Granger Community Church” resolved to activate its campuses for the common good?

It might look something like I’ve pictured in this post.

We hosted Penn High School’s winter dance last weekend. The kids were safe. The parking was secure and the students were well supervised. Penn’s staff was superb. Professional security officers were on duty. GCC volunteers and staff were everywhere: checking coats, registering students, serving refreshments, running lights, monitoring sound, helping young men tie their neckties and young women rearrange their wind-blown locks.

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