by Heather Stevens, daughter of Executive Pastor Tim Stevens

As a pastor’s kid at Granger Community Church, I have been part of the church my entire life and have grown so much in the time I’ve spent here. I grew up going to class in the Arts Room before it was the Arts Room, waving palm branches up and down the aisles of “big church” on Easter Sunday, and attending the “Fall Festival” on Halloween every year instead of trick-or-treating.

The church helped to raise me and the teaching I learned became the foundation on which I based my faith.

Sometime in high school, however, I started trying to figure out things for myself. People who had never stepped foot in GCC were giving me their negative opinions of it everywhere I turned, and although I’d been hearing them my entire life, I started listening and believing the things they were saying. On top of that, I decided that I didn’t like the “perfect pastor’s kid” title I had created for myself; I didn’t want to be the girl everyone wanted their daughters to grow up to be like, because those expectations felt too high and too impossible for me to reach.

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