Get yourself a proofreader. Or two. Or three.

Whether you’re preparing sermon notes, a video presentation, a postcard for the weekend or a T-shirt, you gotta get your stuff proofed. At Granger, our rule of thumb is that before anything goes up on slides, out on the screens or off to the printer, at least 2–3 pairs of eyes on the Communications team have seen it, as well as a few trusty volunteers who proof everything by email.

No matter how good you are, even if you’re a proofreading natural, everyone makes mistakes. And having someone else proof for spelling, accuracy and consistency with your style guide can save you from some big mishaps. Not sure how to get a proofreader? Ask that friend or new person at church you just met, who is whip-smart and wouldn’t mind taking five minutes to read and review stuff for you over email. Asking a new person in your church to help you proof or review your materials can also provide fresh insight on how things really sound to new guests.

Through the years we’ve had our own bloopers still sneak through, and it’s never fun. When things are proofread and easy to read, it eliminates distractions for your guests, so they can focus on hearing more about Jesus. Want a sample of how to help address clear communication for your staff team? Check out Granger’s Communications Playbook to help you get started.