by Executive Pastor Mark Waltz

I admit it. Sometimes I’d like to vent and spew my opinions—without my name. After all, it’s easier. No one can challenge me. No one can offer a rebuttal. It’s a lot easier to be anonymous. And it’s also more cowardly.

Several times a month I read anonymous comments from someone who attended a service at our church. Often the comments are prayers for a friend or family member. That’s okay. No harm done. Although I’d love to pray with more specificity. And it’s impossible for us to reach out to an anonymous person to offer support. It’s a bummer, but we still pray.

However, the stabbing, unkind, self-righteous, all-knowing criticisms and complaints that come from Mr. or Ms. Anonymous demonstrate a lack of willingness to dialog and a spineless mockery of courage. Most every time, these anonymous commenters, by their very content, reveal they are “insiders,” “Christians,” people who regularly attend worship services.

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