"...a leader without integrated character will never see the results personally and professionally they desire... To become whole we need to be open for growth, own our current reality, invite others to speak truth in our lives, and connect often and intimately with God."

A recent post on the blog for the WCA Global Leadership Summit underscores our need to develop ourselves as leaders - not just in what we do, but also in who we are.

The Willow Creek Association Global Leadership Summit is a must-attend for all leaders... in the church and the marketplace... who seek to go deeper to go further.

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"I like your Jesus, but not your Christians...your Christians are so unlike your Jesus." -- Mahatma Gandhi

"If Christ were here there is one thing he would not be - a Christian." -- Mark Twain

As church leaders, we may scratch our heads at statements such as these. 

But, are we doing things (even if unintentional) that lead to this sort of response from an unbelieving world?

We think there are some things the Church has become, some things that the Church has fostered that are unhealthy, detrimental and downright dangerous to God's plan for the Church to build community and restore lives. 

Helping others know Christ is hard enough. In this 5 week series, Granger tackled some of the yucky things that make the Church less desirable.