by Sean Bublitz, Creative Arts Director

As an organization grows, communication and alignment are two of the hardest things to maintain. Throw that into the mix of a bunch of creative people trying to stay on the same page and execute projects at the same time and you’ve got a difficult task.

Because of that we’ve developed a process to help us stay aligned with our weekend series development and planning. This system is the way that our communication, creative, production, teaching, and campus teams stay on task and aligned without having to meet every day and check in.

This is our process, the people involved, and the timeline we work to stick to. This is a guide for us, not a law. We have flexibility based on projects and pace. If it’s helpful to you, you can download the .psd for our timeline in the resources section of this site and create your own.


10 weeks out

  • Our Lead Team (direction leadership team for our church) will agree on the series topic. The Lead Team doesn’t always come up with the topic. Our topic ideas come from many different sources. But the Lead Team will put a rubber stamp on the topic for us.
  • Our packaging team can then take the topic and start to brainstorm the branding, the series title, and the design and packaging.

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This is a great example of the kind of practical, behind-the-scenes learning we’ll be featuring at Innovate 2014. We’re finishing up the details of the elective offerings, but for now you can check out the speakers and main sessions. And if you register by September 14, we’ll reward your hustle with an early-bird discount.

Something we’re passionate about at Granger Community Church is story. We believe that stories have a way into hearts and minds that no other medium can reach. We relate when a person shares a story of failure or vulnerability. We are inspired by stories of success. It's not that other methods are bad or ineffective. We simply believe that real, authentic stories are another valuable way to share the gospel. And messages, videos, songs and blogs can all be ways to share stories. But this past year, we started exploring a new [to us] way of sharing stories: C Magazine.

C Magazine was born out of a desire to share stories of the ways God is working in real people’s lives in our community with people who may not step inside the walls of our church. We’re still newbies on this journey—the first issue was released last October, and the second one is in the works, with a projected Spring release. But we want to share with you what we’ve been working on. Maybe it’ll inspire something fresh. Maybe you’ll connect with the stories. Download a free copy or visit the website to see for yourself.

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