Have a baptism celebration coming up? Here are some handy resources for you:

  • Why Baptism? Video | Have you ever wondered things like, “why should I get baptized” or, “what does baptism mean?” This video helps to explain the origin of baptism, and the reasons for following this commandment from Christ to His followers.
  • Going Public: Understanding Baptism Ebook | This is a 22-page, downloadable PDF ebook that you can purchase for digital distribution at your church. We use this as a guide for those who are interested in learning more before they decide to be baptized. It walks people through the meaning and Biblical basis for baptism.
  • Watch Granger’s recent baptisms, along with stories of people recently baptized.

We recently celebrated over 7,000 baptisms in just under 30 years as a church, and we love to celebrate stories of changed lives! We hope these resources will help your church as you prepare for your next baptism celebration!

Be a hoarder (of good ideas).

Maybe for you it’s a drawer in your desk where you stash great print pieces from other churches or organizations that caught your eye, or a folder on your computer desktop where you dump song and video ideas. Maybe it’s a bulging cabinet about ready to overflow with stuff that inspires you. Maybe you create more Pinterest boards than what is considered healthy.

Whatever works for you—whether it’s digital or analog—you need a place to store good ideas. Stuff to look through when you’re stuck and can’t figure out how your next message series should look. Things to toss around when you’re coming up dry on ideas for how to explain something or craft a presentation. At Granger we have a few drawers and cabinets, both real and virtual, where we store stuff. Go to wherever your pile is, and you’ll be able to pull something out that will spark a new direction.

Looking for some ideas to get you going? You’ll find a variety of series graphics and other sermon materials at Let the hoarding begin!

When it comes to keeping your team organized, free tools are your friends.

Whether you’re a white-boarding fiend, a sticky-note aficionado or a fan of keeping lists and schedules in Evernote, it’s important to find a way to keep your team on task and on the same page. At Granger, each department implements a different system that works for them. For example, Creative Arts uses an online organizational tool called Trello.

It’s where they keep bulletin boards of upcoming series ideas and arts elements, organize what new events need to be promoted and keep everyone aware of deadlines. They have found it to be a great, free tool for staying on track. What sort of free tools are you finding helpful?

Did you know we have several free resources for you and your church? Browse the free items on to see our selection of story videos, stage background videos, an ebook and even an original song!

Looking to up your game or freshen things up a bit? Or is your task list turning into an epic novel? We hear you. We all could use a little help once in a while. No matter which camp you’re in, we want to help you get back on track and revitalize your ministry. Check out these top five resources, which have already helped dozens of people in churches just like yours, and get back on top of things:

  1. Guest Services | Creating “WOW” Experiences Training Videos. These videos will help your staff and volunteer teams deliver great experiences for your guests, from the parking lot to the auditorium.
  2. Communications Playbook. This “playbook” helps Granger Community Church have consistent, professional and effective communications. It includes a review of branding, Granger’s vision, how staff should work together with communication vehicles and the filters Granger uses to decide what gets promoted when and where.
  3. A Christmas Carol Total Resource Package. This package includes the resources Granger Community Church used to promote the weekend message series A Christmas Carol, including: Audio MP3s, Message Transcripts, Sample Bulletins, Granger Notes, Graphics, Service Orders, Message Intro Videos and the script for the musical element Christmas Carol (of the Bells) and the script for the production Granger did on Christmas Eve of A Christmas Carol.
  4. The Feed Video Announcement Bumper. Take your weekly announcements to a new level. This product includes the opener video, the ending video, the videos you see in the background and a few little videos of the Feed logo that you can use to create your own video announcements called The Feed.
  5. Guest Services Manual. This manual helps develop first impressions teams through forms such as: roles and responsibilities, scheduling, volunteer training, emergency response, usher assignments and more. It includes summaries of all volunteer team roles at Granger, as well as a copy of the Emergency Response Manual for Guest Services teams.

Let help put a smile on your face this summer. Take 10% off all orders through the end of June using coupon code SUMMERCRAB10 during checkout.

This offer is good for the rest of June on everything in the store! Here are some of the products you can save on right now:

Meat and Potatoes Graphics

The Single Guy: Popcorn Prayer Video

I Say I’m a Christian But
Live like an Atheist Graphics

Administrative Downloads Total Package

Guest Services Training Videos

The Elephant in the Room Trailer

Heads up! We’ve added several new videos to the store at Now there are more resources to pull from to help plan and execute your next series. Here are a few of the latest videos:

  • Henriette’s Story – Henriette recalls the genocide against the Tutsi people of Rwanda, and the role faith played in her family’s survival.
  • Name Calling – This poem explores the reasons behind the abuse of Christ’s name by people who go by the name “Christian.”
  • Things I Wish Jesus Never Said Trailer – Turn the other cheek. Don’t judge. Don’t worry. Those are all things that are easier said than done. But guess what? Jesus said them. By the way, this video is so new, the series it’s promoting kicks off this weekend at Granger.

Grab these and many more at And to see all the newest additions to the store, browse the “What’s New” section.

Looking for last-minute program elements for Valentine's weekend? Here are three that you can plug into any sex- or relationships-themed message or series this weekend!

  • Reset Relationships Video: Joe's awkward blind date with Melinda is saved by a magic Reset button. This incredibly popular video is a great way to add some levity to the serious topic of love and dating.
  • Hurt Drama: This powerful monologue is a man talking about the damaging effects of pornography and revealing the hurt behind the lie that Satan often tells in the moment.
  • My Story Video: This is the personal story of a young woman finding healing from a difficult sexual past in her relationship with God. Hear first-hand the story of her journey to freedom.

We have many more resources like these, along with full messages and graphics packages available in the store. Search for topics like love or relationships to get just the right thing for your service.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Christmas is coming!

Granted, today is the first day of August, and we technically have five months left. But we all know that in church-world, five months is like 20 weekends. And 20 weekends is like 4 or 5 series away. Suffice it to say, we're going to be a-wassailing and bringing tidings of joy soon enough.

We thought we'd bring you some good cheer a bit early this year. To help get your wheels turning on some yuletide-themed ideas for your church, here are a few of our favorite things from Christmases gone by:

  • A Christmas Carol Message Intro Videos - These three videos were used during Granger's A Christmas Carol series as an intro to the message for the first three weeks.
  • Let it Be Christmas Total Resource Package - This package includes the graphic elements Granger Community Church used to promote the weekend message series Let It Be Christmas, as well as audio MP3s, transcripts, the drama script for the skit 'Cafe de Solo', series Big Idea Sheet, sample bulletins and Granger Notes.
  • It's a Wonderful Life Drama - The Christmas season can be just as hard as it is special. Help meet people where they're at with this series at a key time of the year. In this package you'll find the drama "No Baby" used in the popular It's a Wonderful Life series.
  • When Love Comes to Town Graphics - This download package includes the graphic elements Granger Community Church used to promote the When Love Comes to Town weekend message series.
  • Upside Down Christmas Message Audio Bundle - If we take a look around, we can see that something isn't quite right with the world. Political unrest, poverty, unemployment, and the list goes on. But here's the amazing mystery of Christmas: God saw the trouble, confusion and strife and He did something. He turned everything Upside Down.

Feel free to buy and use these at your church, or just browse the Christmas section for ideas for your upcoming brainstorm. We just want to help in any way we can.

Merry Christmas and a Happy August, from your friends at