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If you're leading worship "in the sticks," and you're looking for practical coaching on everything from the basics of leading smaller congregations in song—and why it's so important—to the ins and outs of programming worship with limited resources, from new ways to find and build into volunteers, to finding effective rehearsal techniques, then this ONE-DAY workshop is for you. (And did we mention - bring your team? The best ideas and relational development happen in teams!) It's ONE DAY.

Worship in the Sticks will be one of the three One-Day Workshops held on Friday, March 9, along with theLess Clutter. Less Noise. and First Impressions workshops. Leading worship in smaller communities can be challenging. At Worship in the Sticks we're looking to equip teams and leaders to lead their congregations with skill and grace. 


  • Practical training from Dan Vukmirovich, Pastor of Music at Granger to help your team understand the 'how' and 'why' of leading worship with God-given authority and confidence
  • A live worship team coaching session with members of the Granger Community Church Arts Team
  • Teaching on how to keep your services engaging and on avoiding disconnects in planning between the worship team and the speaking pastor
  • Ways to use the arts to reach multiple generations within your church
Get more information and register online at

Not a worship leader, but want help in your ministry role? Check out our Less Clutter. Less Noise.communications workshop with Kem Meyer or the First Impressions workshop with Mark Waltz.

If you are a senior pastor or a pastor/director responsible for adult connections or assimilation ministries of any flavor - I'm inviting you to apply for this coaching journey.

  • It will be intensely practical. Highly conversational. Interactive. And limited to 12 leaders.
  • We'll study. We'll read. We'll learn together. We'll explore your specific questions, issues and church dynamic.
  • We will get specific about cultivating culture, building teams, casting vision, designing environments for connecting, serving and growing.
Here are some reasons you don't need coaching:

  • You don't have, nor do you expect to have, new people seeking Christ in your church.
  • You've already read a book on connecting people in your church. Should be enough.
  • You seldom hear another leader lend any value to your leadership, 'cause they just don't know what you're up against.
  • You have shelves full of conference notebooks you haven't looked at since you put them there years ago. Waste of budget dollars.
  • You have a job description. You know what to do. Nuff said.
  • You love working in isolation and don't appreciate the power of collaboration and team.
  • You wear a large red cape under your pastor/director suit.
However, if you read this list and think that maybe, just maybe, there would be value in...

  • Networking with other church leaders who have a wealth of experiences to share.
  • Identifying with someone else's passion for people seeking Jesus.
  • Tracking with processes, systems and strategies, from not just one church, but several churches.
  • Another practitioner listening to my unique setting, challenges, and goals and offering strategic, practical advice.
  • Getting out of my familiar surroundings to hear and engage fresh perspectives.
I want to help you. Let's help each other.

Okay - let's do this. Right now—the deadline is February 15. Check it out. Download Connections Strategy Coaching Summary. Apply from the link inside the document. No excuses.

Not as connection-minded, but still looking for insight and practical wisdom in your area of ministry? Get the info for our Executive Pastors and Communications Coaching Networks.

I’ve said it before, and it’s still true today: One of the most enjoyable things I get to do is lead a Coaching Network for Executive Pastors. In a couple of months, I’m going to offer this again. I will be meeting with 12 church leaders for a coaching experience that begins in March and concludes in May. I’m designing it specifically for Executive Pastors (or leaders in a similar role) who want to take their leadership to the next level. I’m not quite sure how to describe it, but here is my best attempt… 

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