• All In Audio Bundle

All In Audio Bundle

Getting comfortable—we’re really good at that. Pros, in fact. But what if God’s not calling us to be comfortable? If 2020 has taught us anything, maybe it’s that He’s calling us to grow, patiently waiting for us to push all of our chips to the middle of the proverbial table and really lay it all out there. What are the stakes if we don’t? Maybe you’ve never gone “all-in” with God before. Maybe you aren’t even sure you want to! This is a time of exploring what our families, our community and our world could be like if everyone who followed Jesus was “all-in.” We’re asking ourselves, relationally, spiritually, missionally, financially—what couldn’t we do together, with God’s help? For four weeks this September, we’re talking about what it means to be “all-in,” to live a life that holds nothing back—because God isn’t holding back from us.

 Messages include:

  • Family with Bob Laurent
  • Faith with Ted Bryant
  • Finances with John Keim
  • Friends with Ted Bryant

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