• Naked & Afraid Audio Bundle

Naked & Afraid Audio Bundle

Forbidden fruit is always within reach. And all of us have taken a bite and tried to hide it. It’s human nature.

What happens when we try to hide our mistakes and vulnerabilities from each other? From God? It takes an incredible amount of energy to hide our true selves, to banish our fear and disguise our doubts. What could happen if we stopped the work of hiding and began the work of uncovering a relationship with God we were designed to have from the very beginning?

Join us as we launch into a new series to get at the core of letting God love us and meet us just as we are—still naked and afraid. (Fig leaves not included.)

***Week 3: Stephen Mansfield (special speaker—unable to include message in this bundle)

Messages include:

  • Week 1: with Jason Miller (Hiding Ourselves)
  • Week 2: with Josh King (Hiding Our Doubt)
  • Week 4: with April Diaz (Hiding Our Treasure)