• The 5 Most Irritating Things About Christians Transcripts

The 5 Most Irritating Things About Christians Transcripts

This package includes a zipped file of both a Word .doc and .pdf file of each of the available 5 Most Irritating Things About Christians message transcripts.

During the service, Mark Beeson spun a wheel numbered 1-20, and spoke on whatever 5 topics came up that service. A total of 14 of the 20 were covered in 5 weekend services.

Transcripts included in this package are on the following topics:
1. Christians who never make a big deal out of anything.
2. Christians who speak "Christianese" all the time.
3. Christians who don't move their faith one measly foot.
5. Christians who blame everything on Satan.
6. Christians who are lousy tippers.
7. Christians who are all talk.
8. Christians who fear becoming a fanatic.
9. Christians who major on the minors.
11. Christians who think "CHURCH" is all about them.
14. Christians who'd rather call the POLICE than the AMBULANCE.
17. Christians who think everything can be explained with a simple phrase or a trite slogan.
18. Christians who won't add skill, knowledge and training to their passion.
19. Christians who use "God told me" as a silver bullet.
20. Christians who explain God by saying of God what God never said of Himself.

Also includes a copy of the sermon notes listing all 20 Irritating Things About Christians on the wheel.

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