• At The Movies 2018 - Week 7

At The Movies 2018 - Week 7

The movies have it all: the guts, the glory, the great adventures! Get in on the action. This summer, AT THE MOVIES is coming to Granger Community Church, both live and on-screen, in a blockbuster weekend experience.

For seven weeks we’ll be battling the dark side, combating the seven deadly sins and the heroic virtues that defeat them all. We’ll be in hot pursuit of villains, dodging quicksand and sinkholes and without fail, at the end of it all: uncovering treasure that’s there for the taking.

Zip up your crime-fighting suit, bring your best side-kicks and buckle up for an amazing summer adventure AT THE MOVIES!

In week seven, Ted Bryant talks about lust in this seven deadly sins series. 

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