• Brand New Me Audio Bundle

Brand New Me Audio Bundle

We learn on TV how to make over homes, wardrobes, even faces. Seems we all want a New Me at some level. A tuck here, a pinch there, a little less, a little more. Something within us insists "I can do better," "I can do more," "I can be a different me." We try to reinvent ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually.

But trying harder to be better, do more or live differently doesn't always create the New Me we hope is possible. Is there a spiritual plan that can help each of us discover a brand New Me?

Explore a journey with God that's uncluttered from the cycle of "try harder" and the guilt of failure. Discover God's gift of a brand New Me.

Messages include:
  • New Strategies for Growth: God's Gym
  • New Identity: Beyond Club Membership
  • New Focus: More than an Owner's Manual
  • New Invitation: Come with Me