• Bringing Up There Down Here Starts Here Audio Bundle

Bringing Up There Down Here Starts Here Audio Bundle

Every day we confront the gap between who we are and who we want to be. We want to be more patient, but find ourselves losing our temper. We want to take the high road, but find ourselves taking shortcuts instead. So, we confess our weakness, pray for strength, muster up our willpower, and make the best effort to change. However, for many of us we find ourselves in the same habits over and over again wondering, "Am I ever going to change?"

Bringing up there down here is the central call of Jesus to His followers. Bringing up there down here starts in a place that is furthest from the eyes of people and closest to the eyes of God: our hearts. So how does heart transformation happen? Rather than just trying to do the right things externally, we can become the kind of person internally who does the right kind of things intuitively. This five week series explores Jesus' revolutionary plan for heart transformation.

Messages include:

  • Substance for Transformation: Feeding Myself
  • Salvation Means Transformation: Up There Down Here Starts Here
  • One Church Where You Are (Communion) : Update
  • Designing a Pattern of Transformation: Everyone's Design is Different
  • Engaging a Transformative Community: We Need Each Other
  • The Goal of Transformation: Am I a More Loving Person?