• Come to the Table, Week 3 - Remembering

Come to the Table, Week 3 - Remembering

Have you ever sat at a table with family or friends, feasting and laughing and telling stories, and noticed that your body wasn't the only thing being fed? What is it that makes those moments around a table so special? What kind of preparation does it take to have the kind of feast that fills your heart as much as it fills your stomach?

In the final week of this series leading up to Thanksgiving, Jason Miller teaches us that Feasting means remembering. “Taste and see that the Lord is good” was a literal instruction for the ancient Israelites. For example, the Passover meal included bitter tastes to remind them of the misery that God had delivered them from. The remembrance of the Communion feast is the defining remembrance of our lives, but it also models a pattern of remembering all of the ways God has shown us His goodness.

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