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CSB Illustrating Bible

Bible journaling is creative, but it is not about the creativity. Bible journaling is artistic, but it is not about the artistry. Bible journaling is a devotional style—a Bible study method—an avenue to help you spend more time with God in His Word.

How many times have you closed your Bible or your daily devotional book, and completely forgotten what you read? Too many, right? Well, you are not alone! We are busy. We do things so fast, we don’t have time to think, listen, and soak it all up.

Bible journaling is simply creating a visual expression of what you have read. The best part about visual journaling is that you linger longer in the Word as you think about what you will paint, draw, sticker, or washi tape… Lingering longer leads to listening well and learning more about the Lord. And that is what it is all about, after all.

• Dimensions: 9¼" h x 9¼" w x 2" d

• Packaged size: 11¾" h x 13¾" w

• Faux leather cover

• Foil stamp detailing

• Spiral bound

• Faux Suede liner on inside covers

• 936 pages

• 8 pt. font size

• Single column • Pages are 75% thicker than normal journaling Bibles to reduce bleed through • 3¾" wide margins with blank space for journaling and creativity

• Keepsake Box to protect your Bible has telescoping sides that grow with your Bible as creativity is added • Remove inserts in Keepsake Box to give your Bible growing room for Bible tabs & attachments

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