• Commercials Week 3 - Everywhere You Want to Be

Commercials Week 3 - Everywhere You Want to Be

Commercials. They're sexy; they're funny; sometimes they're downright annoying. But every day we see, hear and - like it or not - respond to them. In a single year most of us will view more than 50,000 TV ads. Promises are hurled at us faster than our ears can take them in. After watching a commercial, we suddenly "need" something we didn't even know existed. A shiny car. Better hair. New Furniture. The iPod Photo.

And what we want isn't bad - a good life for our family, security for the future, fun with friends, a sense of significance. But what is behind what we want? And why is it that what we have isn't enough? We always want more. In this message, hear how character can help us get a better handle on our finances and relationships.

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