• Desperate Households Audio Bundle

Desperate Households Audio Bundle

Looking down on Wisteria Lane, we find perfect homes in the loveliest of suburbs. But it is plain that things are not always what they seem. Whether it is Susan, the divorcee and single mom who will go to extraordinary lengths for love, or Lynette, the ex-career woman who traded the boardroom for boredom, the lives they lead are much different than a surface glance might reveal.

Why is Desperate Housewives the hit show of the year? Is it because we can relate? We watch Gabrielle, the ex-model with everything she's ever wanted—a rich husband, a big house—always searching for more, never getting enough. And Bree, a sort of Martha Stewart on steroids, whose family is unraveling around her. Somehow the "till death do us part" got tough when her husband was unfaithful.

Granger Community Church presents Desperate Households, a series about life, love and marriage. We go beneath the surface to consider the struggles that every married couple faces…with communication, sex and raising kids.

Messages include:
  • Desperate Housewives (& the Men Who Live With Them)
  • Desperate Communication
  • Desperation in the Bedroom
  • Desperate to Survive the Kids
  • Stories of Desperate Marriages that Survived