• The Enemy Within Audio Bundle

The Enemy Within Audio Bundle

We find ourselves battling a new type of enemy - not one who is merely a threat to the security of life as we know it, but one that threatens to overtake our very nature from the inside out.

Habits and assumptions creep in so quietly that we don't even realize they're there...until they're ruling our thoughts and our actions. Forced to choose between giving in or struggling to take control, can we make the right choice?

Do we have the strength to change from the inside out? Can we ever really defeat the enemy within? During this five week series, you'll get acquainted with the enemies we have inside us and explore what God would have us do to keep them from destroying us.

Messages include:
  • Threatening Temptation
  • Bitter Revenge
  • Wounding Selfishness
  • Raging Insecurity
  • Tangled Gossip