• The Family Channel Audio Bundle

The Family Channel Audio Bundle

Consider this: your family on TV. Would it air as a drama? A documentary? A sitcom? Through the decades we've tuned in to television households for laughs, but sometimes it was really for relief from our own families.

We want to talk openly, but stuff just seems to get in the way. Conflict seems inevitable in any relationship, but every day? Defining roles seemed easy before the kids, but now the lines of independence, romance and control get blurred and confused. And, of course, we promised to never be like our parents, so we hate what we see in the mirror.

Flip the channel. Listen in as we'll experience the decades and tune in to what the Bible says about relationships that matter most to us. Parenting has its challenges - let's explore together how God approaches them.

Messages include:
  • 1960's: The Cleavers and The Challenge of Parenting and Communication
  • 1970's: The Brady Bunch and The Challenge of the Blended Family
  • 1980's: The Cosbys and The Challenge of Keeping Your Marriage Alive
  • 1990's: The Simpsons and The Challenge of the Child-Centered Family
  • 2000's: The Osbournes and The Challenge of Your Imperfect Parents.