• Get In The Game Audio Bundle

Get In The Game Audio Bundle

They're not just for kids. Did you know 75% of American heads of household play video games and the average game buyer is 37 years old? Whether it's solitaire while you're bored or diving into a game of Halo with some friends, video games are a great way to escape. To challenge yourself. To get lost in a story. To accomplish a mission that's different from your '9-5' life. To connect with people and work as a team. And let's face it…they're just plain fun.

This five week series explores the inner life of gaming and how we can take that same sense of challenge and community and make it happen every day. We looked at five ways to focus in on what will get us closer to the end game we're hoping for.

Messages include:
  • Mario Party
  • Call of Duty
  • Space Invaders
  • Guitar Hero
  • Wii Play