• Ghost Stories - Week 3

Ghost Stories - Week 3

The Holy Spirit is one of the most misunderstood persons in the Trinity. The Holy Spirit shows up in the Bible in beautiful, mysterious forms like wind, smoke, fire, even a dove. So who is the person of the Holy Spirit, and what do His presence and power look like in our lives today?

Join us for four weeks as we offer a basic introduction, in a not-so-spooky way, to the Holy Ghost. Jesus left behind His Spirit to help us overcome weakness, find hope in the midst of hopelessness and experience the fullness of God, here and now.

Curious to know how the Holy Spirit is already at work in your life? Join us and be sure to bring a friend with you as we draw up close to the campfire for some ghost stories.

In week three, Josh King speaks about the Power of the Fruit.

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