• Go Pro or Go Home Audio Bundle

Go Pro or Go Home Audio Bundle

It’s time to start seeing through a new lens. It’s time to leave behind a tired life lived as an amateur. With a little how-to knowledge, some practice and some grit, you can be a pro. Because you have the opportunity to tap into a powerful connection with your Creator that amps up everything from how you raise your kids, to your relationships with the people that matter most. It’s time to leave an unfulfilled life in the dust and embrace a new adventure.

Join us for five weeks as we leap head-first into what it means to be a pro at life—and leave behind the obstacles that hold us back.

Messages include:

  • Week 1: with Mark Beeson (How to Be a Pro Parent)
  • Week 2: with Josh King (How to Be a Pro Neighbor)
  • Week 3: with Bob Laurent (How to Be a Pro Friend)
  • Week 4: with Mark Beeson (How to Be a Pro Inviter)
  • Week 5: with Mark Waltz (How to Be a Pro Host)