• Great Divide Audio Bundle

Great Divide Audio Bundle

Why does God seem so distant? What happens when life seems cold ... empty? Nothing seems to work. No one seems to be on your side. Not even God. You start to question: Will life always be like this? Why do I feel so guilty? Can I ever stop worrying about money? Why can't I just be happy? Does my life matter? What will happen when I die? If there is a God, does He see me? Does God even care? If there's comfort in these questions it's that you're not the only one asking them.

The experts feed us all kinds of answers: Exercise more. Try harder. Get tough. Take a vacation. Try therapy. Experience religion. Some answers may work, but most won't work forever. You face the possibility that the future is nothing more than what you already dread. Take four weeks to consider the uncertain waters of life. Look at the gap - our internal void - and uncover the truth of God's love for us and His plan to build a bridge across the great divide.

Messages include:
  • The Gap
  • The Bridge
  • The Water
  • The Stories