• Grit - Week 1

Grit - Week 1

Some days, it’s easy to feel like failure is a permanent condition. That we’re doomed to repeat our mistakes. That no matter how hard we try, there are just some things we’re never going to get right: our careers, our family, our health or even our relationship with God. The Bible tells us we’re not alone in this. From deep in its pages we hear about men and women who struggled, wrestled and fought hard to follow after God—or not. Many of them screwed up, sometimes royally. Sometimes they won the battle and sometimes we only get to hear the tale of their defeat. But time and time again, their histories display that God hasn’t left us helpless, but arms us with passion and perseverance. And when those muscles are flexed, He gives us the strength to get up and try again. To keep going. Join us for seven weeks as we discover true grit in the lives of some of the most notorious Bible characters of all time.

 In week one, Mark Beeson speaks about Jesus' grit.

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