• Hostage Audio Bundle

Hostage Audio Bundle

Do you ever feel like you’re wrestling within yourself? That your heart, your mind—maybe even your body—are locked in hostage negotiations, held captive by the very real threats of anxiety, fear, depression or loneliness? The old song goes, “It is well with my soul…” But the truth about many of us, is that we are not well. We are exhausted. Anxious. Lying awake, unable to sleep at night. What does the Bible have to say about breaking free from the unhelpful patterns and habits that can keep us imprisoned and weary? For four weeks this November, we’re going to engage a conversation about some common threats to our mental health and well-being, and how we can arm ourselves with the right weapons to fight for our freedom.

 Messages include:

  • Identity Fraud with Ted Bryant
  • Lockdown with Bob Laurent
  • Grasping for Control with Ang Bryant

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