• I Love the ’80s Audio Bundle

I Love the ’80s Audio Bundle

Big Hair. Bad Debt. Good Music. The ’80s were known for big hair, big dreams, big money and big debt. But it didn’t stop twenty years ago. Many of us still face financial stress every day and can’t figure out where our money is going or how to make more. We want to live our lives without being slaves to our bills, but we're still fighting to make more to get more. You’re not alone—70% of all Americans live from paycheck to paycheck, regardless of their income.

For four weeks we considered the choices available to get our finances under control and what the Bible says about the freedom that comes with it. It wasn’t full of boring or complicated financial jargon either; we had some fun with ’80s classics like Madonna, Bon Jovi, Van Halen, the Valley Girls and flashback clips from our favorite ’80s TV shows.

Messages include:
  • Living On A Prayer
  • Tight Like Spandex
  • The MacGyver Plan

    **Due to the nature of the first week of this series, Risky Business, there is no audio available.