• Innovate 2007 Audio CD Set

Innovate 2007 Audio CD Set

Innovate 2007 is not about creativity. It's about how to take action on creative inspiration to make a mark of greatness. This conference starts with a conversation. Then it brings in experienced viewpoints about ideas to make a permanent mark on this world.

Most importantly, it creates an agreement about the work to be performed. Candor counts. And so does teamwork. Whatever you call yourself (traditional, emergent, contemporary, evangelical, outrageous or conservative) Innovate 2007 is the place to get real and practical inspiration you can apply to your own insignia. That personal symbol can't be imitated but can take your capacity as a practitioner, a leader and a church to an unexpected level of impact.

Sound too good to be true? Skeptical? So are we. That's why we'll only showcase proven, real-life techniques and examples. People who are, or have been, in your shoes. It's an experience that will mark you.

This audio CD includes all the main sessions at Innovate 2007.

Format: CD