• INNOVATE 2008 Audio Bundle

INNOVATE 2008 Audio Bundle

Stop Talking. Start Doing.

Nobody wants to be all talk and no action. Jesus certainly wasn't. But sometimes it's hard to know where to begin. We think that whether you have a church gathering of 100 or 10,000 you can begin making innovative, strategic moves that will impact your community.

Start at Innovate 2008.

You'll experience a multisensory showcase of proven, real-life examples from Granger Community Church and other churches doing innovative ministry around the country. Gain perspective and practical steps to take your capacity as a leader, a practitioner and a church to an unexpected level. Get started. Save the talking for later.

You'll also hear from a combination of innovators outside of Granger:
  • Shawn Wood: Seacoast Church
  • The Directional Leadership Team: Lifechurch.tv
  • Steven Furtick: Elevation Church

Session 1 - Mark Beeson
Session 2 - Shawn Wood
Session 4 - Tim Stevens
Session 5 - Rob Wegner
Session 7 - LifeChurch.tv & Steven Furtick
Session 8 - Mark Beeson

Format: CD