• Innovative Church Conference 2006 Audio CD Set

Innovative Church Conference 2006 Audio CD Set


This is NOT YOUR ORDINARY church leadership gathering. It's the Innovative Church Conference, hosted by Granger Community Church. It's where you'll learn to relate. Adapt. Change. And yeah, innovate. The compelling teaching, music and drama you'll experience at the ICC? That's our version. Yours will be different. AND IT SHOULD BE.

The Innovative Church Conference is designed to download Granger Community Church's current successes to enable you to meet people in the reality of their lives. It's about creating conversation, releasing the arts to touch the heart and developing new methods for communicating an unchanging message.

This conference helps teams move beyond just "doing church" and encourages God's design for creativity and innovation.

Audio CDs of the messages include:
  • Just who do you think you're talking to?
  • What's buzz? What's worthy? What's buzz-worthy?
  • Is anybody listening?
  • The Granger Experience: by design.
  • We're not alone.
  • Are we up to the challenge?

Format: CD