• Interactive Simon Video

Interactive Simon Video

This video was used during the opening week of The Viral Effect series. It's an instructional video that led guests through an interactive exercise, where they held up glow sticks to match a color on the screens, to illustrate the viral spread of light across the congregation.

Click the play button below to view the video that comes with the downloadable file. File includes data files and audio/visual instructions, but the video is without music and the voice that accompanies the instructions during the part that syncs with the Daft Punk song, so that you can sync in your own music to the lights. Granger used the song Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger by Daft Punk for this portion of the video - and also customized that song in a special mix to fit the video. We are unable to sell or give out that song, but you can create your own with some audio mixing, or use the video without any sound.

File Type: .MOV