• Meat & Potatoes, Week 3 - Aging the Steak

Meat & Potatoes, Week 3 - Aging the Steak

It’s summer. It’s time to dig in. To something hearty. Satisfying. Preferably something that’s been flame-broiled to perfection. So we’re going to dig in together…sitting around one ‘table’ for six weeks as we unpack a feast for the soul. We’re taking the dog days of summer and opening up the Bible to hear from some of our teaching pastors about some incredible, juicy morsels of truth that they’ve been discovering. So get ready to take a heapin’ helpin’. Good stuff is coming. (WARNING: We may get a little up in your grill.)

In this first message, Rob Wegner talks about what part of the Bible has been speaking to him lately - Matthew. In his words: The Test. The battle when Jesus was tempted in the desert was around His fundamental identity, calling and the most primal human desires. This season is a time of 're-gospeling' for me…in all those areas. That's been happening primarily through me looking deeper at my weaknesses, insecurity, fatigue, and “stuck-ness."

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