• My Life Audio Bundle

My Life Audio Bundle

You've felt the pressure, heard the complaints: "What about me? When is it my turn? When do I get the break?" Maybe you feel pulled: "Help here. Get that done. More attention to this."

Most of us have experienced the anxious moment (or two) when we stop and want to yell,"BUT IT'S MY LIFE!" You still yearn for real friendship and significance. It's the unpredictability that gets in the way.

This five week series explores how to change our lives from a series of activities that control us to an identity that controls our activities. We'll talk about the gap between my plan for my life and God's plan to use my life. And we'll consider the things we can do together that will have a greater impact than if we tried alone.

Messages in this Capital Campaign series include:
  • My Heart
  • My Part
  • My Stuff
  • My View
  • My Step