• The Office Audio Bundle

The Office Audio Bundle

Stuck in what feels like a dead-end job? Feeling like you're just trying to survive another 9-5?

Work. Sometimes it's fulfilling, but it's so hard to find a place where you can do something you love and actually get paid for it. And the people you have to deal with! Demanding bosses, co-workers who don't have a clue and that cubicle-mate who drives you nuts with that constant brown-nosing.

Whether you're living to work, or working to live - life in the office can be a challenge. For five weeks, we talked about ways to do more than just get ahead, but how to make the most of life at work.

Messages include:
  • Taking Care of Business
  • Whatever It Takes
  • Balance - Myth or Reality?
  • It's a Jungle Out There
  • Advice from an Insider