• Reality TV Audio Bundle

Reality TV Audio Bundle

Reality TV. Life uncensored. The real deal. We watch real people in real settings doing real stuff - sometimes really stupid stuff. But we can't stop watching.

Yeah, it's supposed to be real. But it doesn't look like my life. Take the topic of sex-it's showcased on virtually every reality TV episode, yet from the Bachelor to Joe Schmo to Nick & Jessica, no one ever seems to get what they want. Friendships seem shallow-people want it at deeper levels. Then you watch Survivor and wonder if your friends are really just out for themselves.

Money seems to be the solution to happiness, but the celebrities who get Punk'd never appear very happy. Success is defined by Donald Trump in the boardroom or by what you wear or how you look on America's Top Model or Dr. 90210.

The cool thing - God says something about every one of these topics. For six weeks, we'll ask questions, listen to music, watch videos and dramas, and consider a different way to experience reality that is authentic.

Messages include:
  • Reality Sex
  • Reality Money
  • Reality Relationships
  • Reality Religion
  • Reality Success
  • Reality GCC