• Rest of the Story, Week 2 - William Paul Young

Rest of the Story, Week 2 - William Paul Young

The headline stories aren't always very good. Sometimes they even get depressing, but train wrecks always draw a crowd. Are there stories of hope to find behind the scandalous headlines? Are the wrecked lives we hear about ever healed? 

Here's your chance to hear The Rest of the Story-- straight from the source in a 'ripped from the headlines' experience where you won't learn more ABOUT these people but FROM them. Because the best stories are from the people who were there. The Rest of the Story. No middle man. No censors. 

This week: William Paul Young | From Scarred Life into Surprise New York Times Best-Selling Author
Four years ago Paul Young was juggling three jobs, guilt from a strained marriage and grief from three devastating family deaths. He used to scribble bits of dialogue on napkins and receipts to ease his pain. Those scribbles turned into an astonishing hit novel, which has sold over 15 million copies.

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