• SNL Audio Bundle

SNL Audio Bundle

For the summer of 2006, we're doing church SNL-style. Each week of the popular series features a special host who will lead us in a conversation from the Bible about God and our spiritual journey. Come laugh with us as we learn a little something about ourselves and how God can use humor to heal and reveal.

Message titles include:
  • From Flashbang to Teethmarks. Why do you do what you do, does it matter and can you change? HOST: MARK STEELE, AUTHOR OF FLASHBANG
  • America and God. A patriotic celebration that gets to the heart of the matter in a way you haven't experienced before. HOST: MARK BEESON
  • Big Puzzle God - Small Puzzle World. Discover your piece of the bigger story that God is writing. HOST: COREY MANN
  • The Closet. Rob's recent experience with his closets brings spiritual truths that will help us take our next step. HOST: ROB WEGNER