• Summer School: Success 101 - Week 1

Summer School: Success 101 - Week 1

When you look at your life do you feel like you have the whole nine yards—house, family, job and all—but you can’t stop the daily grind or it will all fall apart? Think you should feel a little more content, but instead you feel like you have to ratchet your pace up, day after day, just to keep your eye on the prize? And what is that elusive prize, after all?

Good question. This summer we’re busting through misconceptions about success in our version of summer school, as we look into the book of Proverbs to learn from one of the most successful leaders of all time. We’ll unpack helpful secrets of success in three key areas you experience daily and talk about how to get real wisdom—a foundation that will set you up for life-long, sustainable success. Start the summer off right: Be cool, stay in school. Get a seat before the bell rings! 

In week one of this series, Ted Bryant speaks on a successful home front.

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