• The Power of RE - Week 4

The Power of RE - Week 4

In summer, our normally rigid schedules relax and turn into trips to the lake, kids out of school and summer vacation. And the change of pace gives us a great opportunity to re-evaluate things in life. Do I need a redo? A jump-start to get through another day with the kids? Or my marriage? Or my job?

Enter RE. Two small letters with a big job. Sometimes, it means, “again.” Think: refill, recharge. Sometimes RE means to push away or let go. Think: restrain or restrict. RE has work cut out for us.

What if summer holds the chance to live life fully on, but in a different rhythm? It’s time to ask yourself what you need to RE. For five weeks, we’re exploring the power of RE and discovering what God might need to reimagine in us.

In week four of this series, Bob Laurent talks about the mysterious, beautiful gift of marriage.

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