• This Changes Everything Audio Bundle

This Changes Everything Audio Bundle

Everyone has a few moments in their life where the earth seems to stop on its axis. Those singular moments, where something happened and everything changed: the moment you said, “Yes!” to that special person, or took a step into a new career or heard your baby’s first cry. That time when you first looked up into the sky and felt small under the stars, the time you watched your parents drive off in the distance, leaving you on your own in a new place.

God is close in all of our moments—the times of fear and doubt, the times of loneliness and the times of joy. For four weeks this fall, join us as we search for Him and His Love that changes everything.

Messages include:

  • God Who? | Mark Beeson
  • The God-Shaped Hole | Bob Laurent
  • The Water's Edge | Mark Beeson
  • The Jesus Way | Josh King


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